(It’s a looking mirror and this art is known as Mirror Engraving)

In this painting the artist is trying to show the Royal Way of welcoming by Turahi or Bugle where artish have showen a man blowing Bugle or Turahi. Turahi or Bugle is a brass musical instrument which is 8-10 feet long which have its mouth and shape pointed. When we blow it by placing our lips on its mouth then high pitch sound comes from it. In ancient times it was used during battles. In ancient times it had its own importance, because at the place of war or battle ground it was blown and given the message of attack. Whenever any other king used to visit the Kingdom or to meet the King of that place , then he was Welcomed by Bugle. Therefore Bugle had its own importance from war to welcoming. In today’;s world it is the considered as a musical instrument which is used only for welcoming purpose. The pertsonality of the man who was blowing the turhi (bugle) was really mattered. His dress was quite interesting. Even today such welcoming paintings are kept at five star hotels, seven star hotels and at villas also where they play their role in increasing the values and royalty of that place. In this painting the artist have shown a picture of a man blowing Turahi(Bugle).