Mirror Engraving

First of all we have to know that what is engraving? Most commonly engraving is a practice of incising a design into a hard , usually flat surface, by cutting groves into it. Similarly performing this process on mirror is known as mirror engraving. From earlier times to give any shape to any thing the technique of engraving is used. For example, by hitting stone with specific tools in certain way brings a figure out of the stone. Same process is done with the wood. One with the help of some special tools can bring out any design and figure out of that wood.

Artist Sanjay Dixit have mastered himself in the technique of mirror engraving and can bring out any figure on the looking mirror in a unique style that too only with his tools and without using any kind of color in his art of engraving on looking mirror. Bringing out any figure on the looking mirror without using any color and machine makes his work unique and different from others.

History of Looking Mirror

दर्पण का इतिहास

The first mirror used by people were most likely pools of dark, still water or water collected in a primitive vessel of some sort. The earliest manufactured mirrors were piece of polished stone such as Obsidian, a naturally occurring Volcanic mirror. Examples of Obsidian mirrors found in Anatolia have been dated to around 6000B.C. Justice Von Liebig, a German Chemist, created the first modern mirror-silver mirror mirror in 1835. According to the artist oldest mirrors found in India were of Belgium Company. In India there is a place Rajasthan. In Rajasthan there are many royal palaces and forts and mirrors found in them were of Belgium Company. In today’s modern time there are many mirror making companies, but artist uses the mirrors of Modi Mirror Company. Modi Mirror Company gives 50 years of polish guarantee on their mirrors. If polish turns off then again it can be repolished and can be used for thousands of years. There are million types of art works done on the mirror or on mirror and among them one is engraving.

Artist in his experience of 25 years have never seen such type of art of mirror engraving anywhere else in India. Artist thinks that without mirror one cannot look his image and cannot look at his own beauty with his eyes. Mirrors reflect to us how we look how clothes fits us, and how things fit. Among all the items of makeup mirror is the most important one. Without mirror we cannot see the changes from our childhood to our old age. The one who shows the beauty of a person to himself is the mirror, but “when mirror comes in the hand of artist, it itself become a piece if beauty” and mirror asks himself that “where should he go now to see his own beauty”.