(It’s a looking mirror and this art is known as Mirror Engraving)

The main motive of artist behind this painting is to show the relation between humans and nature and how they are related to each other in formation of our environment. Our earth’s nature has its own importance and it includes land bodies,water bodies like, rivers, seas, oceans, lakes and all those naturally grown forests and living things and also includes soil, man- made things like buildings, sanitations and some temporary arrangements like electricity and situations regarding climate. These geographical areas like water bodies or mountains and human civilizations both takes hundreds of centuries for their formation and combination of both these things indicates or reflects the identity of people of that area or of that country. The thing which makes a place different from others is its geographical area, its plant life, type of soil, etc all togather. So these things give identity to that place and its people. There is a huge collection of natural things on earth like snow areas, huge natural mountains, vast desert areas, Islands, banks, highly dense forests along with old boreal forests,spinal forests, dry forests, rainforests and they all togather make our earth beautiful. Sometimes we can see some awesome formations which are naturally made by nature on seashores or in dense forests, like an image or statue of a couple formed by branches of trees. Nature of earth is really vast and it can show any of its forms anywhere at any time. This is what the artist have tried to show in his painting that we can see a couple forming out of two old trees. There is also the image of two snake couples on trees and this shows that our nature is really vast and extensive.