(It’s a looking mirror and this art is known as Mirror Engraving)

This live painting actually was seen in 1618. Now again we have brought it in a new way. We can see two men who seems Royal and one of them is standing over a lion and other one is standing on a sheep and from this we can understand their status and power. From the sculptures we can understand their status and power. From the sculptures we can know that at that time Shah Abbas was the ruler of Persia and Jahangir was the 4th emperor of the Mughal dynasty. In reality both these rulers never met each other but in this painting we can see them hugging each other. So we can say that this is just the imagination of of the artist. Both the rulers have dressed in their own cultural way. In this painting we can see Jahangir as a tall and powerful personality hugging the Persian ruler Shah Abbas with mercy. But actually Shah Abbas was a tough competitor. In this painting Shah Abbas , politely standing on a sheep where as on the other hand Jahangir as a powerful personality standing on a lion. We have shown two kings in our paintings among them, the one standing on sheep is weak and the one standing on a lion is powerfull because sheep and lion are symbol of weak and power respectively. It is known to all that friendship between goat and lion is next to impossible but in this painting its just the imagination of artist. Also there are two things which cannot come togather and they are the sun and the moon but in this painting they are also togarher. In this painting artist have shown friendship between sheep and lion, weak and strong and witness for all these are the sun and the moon.