(It’s a looking mirror and this art is known as Mirror Engraving)

Elephant is the largest animal on earth. It is also considered as the most powerful animal on earth. Basically it is a wild animal but with proper training it is kept in zoos and even at homes with humans as pet animal.Elephant also played major part in humanity and its civilization. Generally elephants are Grey in colour, its 4 heavy legs appears as 4 pillars and two large ears like wings. Eyes of elephant are quite small relative to its huge body. It also has a long trunk and a small tail. Elephant with his trunk can lift lighter to heavy weights. It also has two white teeth on both side of his trunk and they live in jungle and feed on small branches of trees, grass, fruits etc. found in jungle. Pet elephant also eat breads, bananas, sugarcanes etc. It’s an pure vegetarian wild animal. Even today they are used for lifting heavy loads in circus and for transportation purpose. In ancient times they were used by kings in wars and battles. The life span of elephant is very long i.e. more than 100 years. It is very much useful even after its death. Because of these skills it is liked by all God and Goddess. It is said that once Lord Krishna and Rukmani sat on elephant and went to see the beauty of jungle and along with them 9 maidservents of Rukmani were following them in her service. On elephant they went deep into the forest and then elephant went away in search od food and did not returned back. Then all those 9 sakhis or maidservents transformed themselves into elephant structure and brought Radha and Krishna back, this is what the artist have tried to show you in this painting.