(It’s a looking mirror and this art is known as Mirror Engraving)

In this painting the artist have shown a scene where king is fulfilling his lust with his Queen sitting by a pillow and hugging his Queen who is half naked. We can see a woman behind the king is serving him with a glass of wine. We can also see few other women in different positions trying to seduce the king by showing naked body parts in different ways. It was same as Harem. In this painting we can see the boundary wall of terrace, birds and trees making a beautiful view in painting.In ancient times the prostitution was legal with the permission of the king itself. King had a place for all these things which was called Harem where many ladies lived. In Harem most of the ladies were brought forcefully or by kidnapping. At that time the Sati process was also at its highest peak. It is said that at that time if Akbar’s soldiers see any beautiful lady is goging to be sati then they used to stop her by saying that its is king’s order and they bring her to Harem. Some historians have shown this in such a process that Emperor Akber was against the Sati Pratha and no lady was forcefully brought to the Haram. In Akbar’s biography Akbar himself have commited that ,”If earlier I have got this intelligence in my mind, then I would have not brought any lady forcefully in Harem in my empire”. Akbar’s this statement proves that in his time ladies were forcefully kidnaped and were brought to Harem. From this it is clear that during Akbar and his pressors time Harem was not closed. In Ain-E-Akbari, Abdullah Kandir Badayuni says that if queen, maidservent or officer’s wife or any other woman wanted to meet him or wanted to serve him should inform them before and had to wait for the Emperor’s reply and after that only they were given the permission to enter into the Harem. Akber forced his people to show nude dance of their ladies publicaly and he gave it the name “Khudaroz”. Akber’s motive behind this was to choose the ladies for his Haram. Akber even had his evil eyes on the queen Durgawati who was the queen of Gondwana. To get her, Akbar attacked Gondwana and when the brave queen came to know Akbar’s intention, she killed herself, then Akbar captured her sister and daughter in law and kept them in his Harem. Akbar also started the new trend according to which the defeated king have to send the selected ladies of his family and relatives to Haram. During Mughal period Akbar had his Haremkhana in which he used to get intimate with his queens, and considering his age at that time, there used to be other ladies who used to sit their in half nude conditions to seduce king, all this was done sometimes at Ranivas, sometimes on terrace of the palace in the time of evening and to enhance his sexual power king used to have fruits, drinks etc. Also at that time.