(It’s a looking mirror and this art is known as Mirror Engraving)

In this painting the artist have shown a scene of Harem where king is enjoying the lustful moments with his queen and to give them company there are other maidservants whom we can see in halfnude condition. The king is enjoying all these with hookah, fruits ad wine. Harem was the place where emperor or king used to keep all his ladies where no man except the king himself were allowed. During the Mughal period the ladies who lived in Harem spent their whole life inside it. They were not allowed to go out of Harem and were not allowed to make physical relations with any other man except the king. There was a great difference between the ladies of Harem and the other ladies outside the Harem in respect to their place of living, the way of dressing, religion, way of enjoying, etc. In Mughal Emperor,s Harem large number of ladies used to live which belonged to different religions and races. In Mughal Harems there were Mughal ladies, Rajput ladies along with other Hindu ladies and even Christian ladies also lived their. The Royal ladies were given royal dresses, ornaments, fancy items etc. The only boundation for the ladies of Harem was that they were not allowed to step out of Harem and except the king they were not allowed to have physical relations with other men. This led them to have homosex between the ladies of Harem to fulfill their desire. The ladies of Harem usually used to spent their day in decoration and in their makeup. All the arrangements for their enjoyment were done inside the Harem itself, which included singing classes, dancing classes, painting classes, cooking classes, etc. Some ladies also used to read books like Gulistan and Sheikh Sadi Shiraj’s Bustan. The artist’s motive behind this painting is to show that the Mughal Emperors used to have their own Harems where they used to go and enjoy the lustful moments like we have shown, a king is enjoying lustful moments with his queen and on the other side there are two ladies who have envolved themselves in homosex to seduce the king and to excite him and to excite him and with all these king is enjoying hookah, fruits and wines in the beautiful palace whose Royal look of pillars and the art is really attractive and eyecatching.