(It’s a looking mirror and this art is known as Mirror Engraving)

In this painting the artist have shown a scene of a Queen’s palace where Queen is sitting in her balcony and her maidservant is making up her hair’s braid so that she can look more beautiful and for that the maid is applying chandan oil to Queen’s hairs by which she can get more shiner, longer and stronger beautiful hairs. The whole view engraved by the artist makes this painting look very beautiful and royal. An adornment is generally an accessory, ornaments worn to enhance the beauty or status of Indian Culture “Solah Shringar(16 steps of makeup)” have a great importance. Solah Shringar is carried over on major festivals and religious activities where it encompasses sixteen basic steps of beautification of a woman from head to toe. Without hair adornment the Shringar or makeup(makeover) of any woman is incomplete. They apply fragrant oils in their hair along with some fragrant smokes, all of these are the part of hair braid. Right from the begining itself woman used to keep their body fragrant and it was the important part of their makeup. For this they used Kewsar and other scents which used to keep their body fragrant throughout the day. By these makeups they used to show their beauty, image, status, creativity. In these they used to wear the ornaments of gold, silver, copper, etc. Flower Garland: The hair bun and braid od a bride are adorned with a coiled string of flowers. South Indian and Maharastran women daily put flower garland in their hairs, while in north India woman tie loosely their hairs and stuck flower in them. Bichori : It is the ring which is worn in the thumb and small fingure of the legs and silver rings are worn in the remaining three fingures. In these ornaments there are different crafted designes like fish, peacock, butterfly, flowers, leaves, etc. Payal(Anklet) is a chain made of silver and worn in feet. This beautiful accessory owns tiny bells on its edges, which make rhythmic sound when a bride walks or moves. In our painting we have shown a scene of Palace, where queen is sitting in her balcony and her maid is doing her makeup which is known as Veni Shringar(braid Adornment) and with all this queen is enjoying the mild and calm wind. This palace is the heritage of Rajasthan.