(It’s a looking mirror and this art is known as Mirror Engraving)

In this painting the artist is trying to show the Royality historical India where a queen is sitting with her maid in the balcony of her palace and the maid is carving on the back of the queen to enhance her beauty. In historical times the carving was done on the body by using a paste called Mehandi which was made from the leaves of Mehandi tree. It is said that carving on the body by using Mehandi not only enhances the beauty but was also used to keep body clean and full of essence. Mehandi was also used to decorate nails and skin enrichment.Carving on body using Mehendi is an Indian art which is from ancient times and is done even today in many special occasion. Carving on the body is basically a type of makeup and carving on the body using Mehandi is temporary not permanent as tattoo. In Western culture permanent tattoos were carved on the body to enhance their beauty and now this tattoo art is also popular in India and it came from Western countries to India and has spread all over the world today. Makeup also hides the ageing of skin or body. With makeup one looks beautiful and clean. It is for sure that someones health and beauty depends on his heart and mind but in many occasions, festivals these external makeups like carving on body, using perfumes, wearing nice clothes and costly ornaments attract the attention of people towards the motive of this painting is to show how queens during the MughalPeriod used to enhance their body by the art of carving in their palace.