(It’s a looking mirror and this art is known as Mirror Engraving)

In this painting the artist is showing a story of a king elephant Gajendra whose life was saved by Sri Hari.One day a group of elephant went to the lake to drink water and Gajandra , the king of elephants was leading them . As Gajandra stepped in to the lake a crocodile cought his leg . Gajandra in spite of being elephant could not break free. He, then called out for help , all his friends gathered there and tried to help , but in vain . The crocodile was stronger than all the elephant put together . They gave up . Gajandra tried for a long time to escape until he was hoarse . The crocodile simply would not let go . When the King elephant, Gajendra thus invoked the DIVINE, without any form or partiular attributes, none of the Doties like Brahma and others, who are conscious about their forms, did not go to the rescue of the elephant. It was Sri Hari who includes in himself with all the deities, came to the scene.Seeing Gajendra involved in such a terrible pain and lisiting his prayer Seeing Sri Hari on his vehicle Garuda, with discus(chakra) in his hand, the elephant in spite of all pains plucked a lotus flower with his trunk and lifted it up and said “Narayana, I bow down to you”.Alighting from Garuda, Bhagavan(God) dragged that elephant out of water and killed the crocodile with the discus(chakra) in the presence of all Celestials. Thus it is said that”who ever glorifies Lord in his happiness, Lord himself will glorify in his sorrowness and will come to earth to save him”.Gajendra Salvation is an example for this.