(It’s a looking mirror and this art is known as Mirror Engraving)

In this painting artist have shown a scene of Lord Krishna’s story, Astonished Mother Yashoda. Once little Krishna was in his sleep and Mother Yashoda remembering the playful activities of Krishna and she composed a song about him and was enjoying singing them herself. Listening to those things about him, little Krishna woke up and got down from bed and went to mother and said that he is hungry , mother began to feed him. Then she smelt the boiling milk over flowing from the vessel. Mother thought that if milk is burnt then her child’s living period will be decreased because according to mythology if we have small child at home and cow’s milk get burnt then the living period of that child will be reduced. So she left little Krishna and went to put the vessel off from fire. Little Krishna got angry and said “Mother you care for milk not your child, you left me”. The little Krishna picked the stone and broked the pot placed there. When mother Yashoda came there and saw she smiled and then she thought that her child have become naughty then she decided to beat her. Now mother Yashoda ran after little Krishna. Then Krishna came to the main hall. Now it was his time to show his leela(magic) to his mother. In this painting we are trying to show that part of the story when little Krishna reached the hall then after him came Mother Yashoda, then she was astonished by what she saw there, he saw there that little Krishna was feeding butter to another Krishna in pillor, she could not belive that there are two Krishna, but the real little Krishna was standing behind the another pillor and was laughing at her astonished mother Yashoda.