(It’s a looking mirror and this art is known as Mirror Engraving)

In this painting the artist is trying to show nature as a Goddess whose replica we can see in the trees in our paintings. As Goddess gives us life and takes all our sorrows and problems in the same way from nature we get life mainly in the form of oxygen by trees and they intake all the harmful gases like carbon-di-oxide etc. Nature has all the remedy in itself. Nature gives us all the sources which we need for our living. In ancient times people used to pray trees and plants as a God or Goddess. Even today in India Tulsi plant is considered as a Goddess and people worship Tulsi Plant and also Banyan tree is worshiped. If we see from the side of medical then from nature we can cure any problem. In ancient time when there were no modern technologies, no modern hi-tech machines like today then also doctors of that time used to cure diseases and they used to go to forests and used to make medicines using different parts of trees or plants. But now as man became powerful and tools and machines came to his hands he started destroying the nature, in the madness of the power he forget the importance and precious value of nature. Man cleared all the forests and planted industries which release harmful gases which effects our nature as well as our life. So the main motive of artist behind this painting is to show life inside the plants and trees which we can see in this painting that human figure is seen in the trees and plants on the both side of the trees so that people can understand the value of nature and try to save it inspi