(It’s a looking mirror and this art is known as Mirror Engraving)

In this painting the artist have shown a beautiful scene of historical palace in which we can see a room in queen’s palace whose crafting and art on pillars and walls really add beauty to the painting. In this painting we can see a king hugging his queen in his arms and the queen is halfnaked and his another queen is serving him with a glass of wine and on their side we can also see two ladies in half naked condition are getting intimate with each other to excite the sexual feelings of king. Love and attraction played major part in the formation of this universe. Love is the most necessary thing to run this world. In ancient times also our Mughal and Rajput rulers used to go to Queen’s palace to engage them in love with his queen while other queens and maidservants used to seduce king to bring love feelings and to excite him by showing their body parts and different positions half nudely and king used to enjoy all these things having wines and fruits. The beautiful palace , beautiful queens and seductive queens and maidservents played major role in exciting the feeling of making love in Queen’s palace. All these things artist have tried to show in this paintings.