(It’s a looking mirror and this art is known as Mirror Engraving)

In this painting the artist have shown a circle of hunting where everyone is hunting like, one tiger is hunting a cow and another tiger is hunting a deer. But they are doing this for their food. Our ancient rulers or emperors had their own forest and it is shown in this painting that some people along with the king are hunting a tiger and they only used to do this for fun. After hunting them they used to cut off the head of hunted tiger and used to decorate their walls. In this painting we can see three people among which two are on horse and one is on ground. King himself is hunting a tiger with bow and arrow when tiger is engaged in hunting the deer. King’s sipahi with a sword in his hand is chasing a tiger and another sipahi on land is blocking the tiger with his spear. At the time of our emperors or kings hunting was considered as an art and our kings used to enjoy this art. Before hunting they used to make their own hunting strategies. The part of hunting was to block their prey and then they used to enjoy that part the most. Hunting was the trend of that time and our kings used to decorate their palace’s walls with the body parts of their prey. All the Hindu and Muslim kings during Mughal period had their own forest areas where they used to go for hunting and showed their bravery by hunting animals like lions,tigers,deers etc. Mainly lions and deers were their preys whose body parts they used for decorating their palace’s wall.