(It’s a looking mirror and this art is known as Mirror Engraving)

In this painting the artist have shown a beautiful scene where Indian God Lord Krishna himself is applying Mahavar(Alkanet) on Radha’s foot. The costumes of Lord Krishna and Radhika are centre of attraction as we see detailed engraving work on them and the do reflect royalty in them and are really beautiful. At that time Mahavar was one of the most important items which was used by both men and women for makeup. Mahavar was usually applied on special occasions and festivals in order to look beautiful. Mahavar was one among the !6 Shringars(16 steps of makeup) which Indian ladies used to do. The tradition of Mahar is followed even today and mainly we can see this on occasions and festivals. In early times Mahavar was also used to decorate nails also along with foot and was used as lipstick to make them more attractive. From ages the tradition of Mahavar is carried in the same way. Mahavar as used today by people was used by our Gods in the same way. Like we have shown Lord Krishna in Dwapar Period applying Mahavar on Radha’s foot with his peacock feather in his beautiful palace makes an awesome view which touches our heart. Along with the symbol of occasions and festivals Mahavar is considered as a symbol of love.