(It’s a looking mirror and this art is known as Mirror Engraving)

In this painting the artist have shown a beautiful scene of queen’s palace in balcony of queen’s room where king is enjoying the pleasure of his queen’s beauty and on their side we can see other two maidservants are trying to seduce him to make him excited and all this we can see at the mid of the night in the aroma of fragrant flowers. Along with all these the beautifully crafted art of the pillars and curtains add extra beauty to the scene. We can see the important part of Madhvilas during our Mughal and Rajput rulers. In which kings used to go to their queen’s palace and used to have wines and then used to get intimate with their queens. In this painting we have shown a queen’s room in beautiful room in beautiful palace where with his queen he is enjoying his playfull moments and maidservents are playing musical instruments like Veena, Dholak, and some are giving them air with handfans which are called Chanvar and some maidservants are trying to seduce the king by showing their beautiful body along with all these, king is enjoying the intimate moments with his queen, which is really a beautiful scene.