(It’s a looking mirror and this art is known as Mirror Engraving)

Our country was said to be the Land of Golden Bird and it’s culture and civilization are old and elaborated. Our country was best in handcrafting art and was famous for this all over the world. These arts can be seen in many palaces of Shekhawati where our great Rajput rulers ruled and their names are written in golden words in history for their way of Royal living.This can be seen in normal or common houses also from dressing style to the crockery items, everything used to be antique which we have tried to show you through this painting. In this painting we have shown that a tea-party is organised by a common Indian family in normal house in the year 1980 in which some foreign couples are invited for the antique tea party. Foreign couples are surprised by seeing the party. The thing which surprised them is that even today we use the same antique items for eating and for serving and for having tea. By coming to the party the foreign couple enjoyed and got astonished as well and they considered our culture, civilization and art of handcrafting best in the world and express their happiness on our art of handcrafting.