(It’s a looking mirror and this art is known as Mirror Engraving)

In this painting the artist have shown Mughal King is aroused with his queen in presence of other maidservants. In this painting the king is enjoying the intimate moments with his queen along with wine and fruits. We feel emotions on an ongoing basis, we sometimes enter a state of arousal, in which our bodies experiene heightened physicological activity and extremes of emotion. This can be both for ourselves and for others. State of arousal can be positive and negative and include fear, anger, curiosity and love, which are felt with an overpowering intensity that drives us the act, often in an unthinking way. Arousal is a state of heightened activity in both our mind and body that makes us more alert. Arousal acts along a spectral from low to high.You can slightly aroused and you can extremely highly aroused. Arousal is the result of simulation when we are simulated appropriately, then we become aroused. With greater stimulation, we become more aroused. Arousal is a fundamental human need. In particular when other basicneeds for safety and social positions are adequate, we start looking for more excitement. What do people who have everything seek ? ‘sex, drugs, rock and roll’ is a common discription that embodies arousal. Aroused can be both positive and negative in experience, for example is excitement or fear. A lack of arousal can be both positive and negative, for example in relaxation or boredom. Arousal starts in the brains, where the peticular Activation System connects the primitive brain stem and the cortex and affects sleeping walking transitions. In arousal, its acting to increase our wakefulness and consequent alertness and attention. In arousal caused by a threat, the fight-or-flight reaction is friggered. The feeling arousal in our body is right from when this planet earth was formed. In this painting we have shown how our Mughal and Rajput kings used to enjoy this pleasure. Rajshree, mats, cushions, tanpura, dholak, and music also had important role in it. Our kings used to get intemate with their queens having wine and this pleasure they had was known as Arousal.