(It’s a looking mirror and this art is known as Mirror Engraving)

In this painting the artist is trying to show the dedication of gopis towards Lord Krishna and Rukmani. Seeing such a wonderful dedication of gopis towards Lord Krishna and Rukmani, fairies themselves came down to the earth from the sky and welcome them by showering flowers on them from all sides. Although there are many amaizing stories of Gokul’s Lord Krishna but another interesting stories comes from the artist’s mind and this story is totally imaginative. One day Lord Krishna with Rukmani went to take a tour of Jungle on his elephant followed by Rukmani’s sakhis or gopis(maidservents) who were aways there in her service. As Lord Krishna and Rukmani reached jungle they got down from elephant and started enjoying the beautiful view of jungle and started playing there and got busy in enjoying meanwhile their elephant moved away from them in jungle and did not returned back. They all waited for the elephant but he did not returned back and then the sakhis of Rukmani transformed themselves into elephant’s structure and made Lord Krishna and Rukmani to sit on them and brought them back to their palace from jungle. From this itself we can understand that how much they were dedicated towards Lord Krishna and Rukmani. Thus we have named this painting – Affectionate Gopis Forming Elephant.