(It’s a looking mirror and this art is known as Mirror Engraving)

In this painting the artist have shown the scene of royal outing of Lord Krishna and Balram on royal chariot and the whole engraving makes this painting alive. Krishna was loved by everyone because of his adventitious works and making all the devilious missions fail fixed by his uncle Kansa since his childhood. Everyone in Braj had great feelings in heart about this little child. On the other side king of Mathura Kansa was feeling unsafe with the thought of being killed by Krishna. Finally Kansa planned a strategy and he sent his officer Akroor who was a good man, to invite Krishna and Balram to Mathura for bow and arrow challenge. He decided to send Akroor because he was a kind and noble man and was the leader of his Andhak-Vrashi Sangh and for this was Kansa needed a person like him only. Kansa first prepared for Dhanuryaad and then sent Akroor to Gokul. A while before Akroor, Keshi has approached Krishna but Krishna killed him too.One day at the time of evening Krishna heard the news that Akroor has come to Vrindavan to take him to Mathura. Krishna met him bravely and took him to meet Nandamaharaj. Then Akroor read the message from Kansa and said “king Kansa has invited you with your herdsmen and kids to see the festival. Next day Akroor left for Mathura with Krishna and Balram. Nand might not have sent the boys, Krishna and Balram but Akroor insisted that they must go and meet their parents Devaki and Vasudev, to help them from their missary. After that Nand had no reason to stop them. When Akroor reached Mathura, he didn’t let the boys meet their parents. His reasons was that this might make Kansa very angry and will spoil their plan. They reached Mathura in the evening and Akroor took them to his home. These brave boys could not resist the charm as they never visited such a big city before and went out on the streets to have a look around. Krishna and Balram were surprised to see such a beautiful and lightening town. They were enjoying the beautiful view of the streets sitting on the Royal Chariot. Such towns which could be imagined only in dreams , Krishna and Balram were enjoying the view of such town and this thing is shown in this painting.